Our Story

The Sweetz story began in 2019. After some thorough retail marketplace research, our first store site became available in 2020 and was opened in 2021. Sweetz dessert company was founded by twins with a vision to bringing fresh, cost-effective and delicious dessert perceptions to the people of their birth town of Glasgow.

The Sweetz store was the first of its type in the south side area of Glasgow. It proved to be a huge success making the Sweetz brand a household name to the people of Scotland. With brand and product success, Sweetz Dessert Co gained huge prominence and went to new heights. Renowned for the place to visit for the best dessert experience. We continue to be the innovators and trendsetters in the dessert marketplace. Our most trending products include ice-cream, milkshakes, waffles and crepes.

Whether it’s our unique products, minimalistic store design or stellar customer service, we will always be available to help. We have a friendly team focussed on customer satisfaction whilst serving you our luxury gelato, coffee, cake or even a milkshake! We are proud in making memories last a lifetime. Our products are seen in homes, offices and businesses across Glasgow and the mouth-watering ice-cream is to die for. We would urge you to try our dessert shop in Glasgow, so no need to continue your search for a great ice-cream parlour.

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Sweetz Dessert Co in Glasgow contributes 1% of your order value to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere, when using our Stripe payment method. See more information about how we are doing our bit for climate change and our future environment. Get ordering today and no need to continue seeking the dessert shop near me!
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